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Estate Planning, Administration, and Probate

Estate Planning Designed to Protect Your Family

At Baskin, Jackson & Lasso P.C., we understand that everyone has a unique situation. We help evaluate and counsel clients on everything from wills, powers of attorney, and health care directives to more sophisticated estate planning techniques.

We provide counsel on all estate planning concerns, including:

  • Managing assets during incapacity
  • Specifying guardians of minor children
  • Asset protection from creditors
  • Managing assets for minors
  • Managing assets for those with a disability
  • Taking care of special family concerns
  • Planning to reduce, eliminate, or defer estate and income taxes
  • Preparation for retirement
  • Simplifying administration of the estate
  • Family limited partnerships (FLPs)
  • Qualified personal residence trusts (QPRTs)
  • Irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs)
  • Charitable remainder unitrusts (CRUTs)
  • Charitable remainder annuity trusts (CRATs)
  • Qualified domestic trusts (QDOTs)
  • Qualified terminable interest property trusts (QTIPs)

Estate Administration to Handle Your Loved Ones’ Affairs

Estate administration involves settling a deceased person’s estate. While almost every estate requires some services of a lawyer, many tasks can be performed by a layperson, with guidance from the lawyer. This also helps to keep legal fees paid by the estate to a minimum.

We can help you:

  • Probate a will
  • Qualify as a personal representative
  • Pay debts
  • Settle disputes
  • Sell real or personal property
  • Fund and administer a trust
  • Manage and liquidate the decedent’s business
  • Make tax elections
  • File federal and state income and estate tax returns
  • File an inventory and annual accountings with the Court
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries

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We know that proper estate planning can be crucial to protecting one’s assets and taking care of one’s surviving family members. Sometimes this task can be relatively simple, but in other cases, it can be exceedingly complex. For assistance with your estate planning and administration needs, contact Baskin, Jackson & Lasso P.C. today. We have extensive experience in comprehensive estate planning that is individualized to your personal situation, as well as the administration of estates located in all counties in northern Virginia.