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Landlord and Tenant Law

Your Real Estate Lawyer Is Your Most Valuable Resource

The attorneys at Baskin, Jackson & Lasso P.C. provide individuals and businesses with skilled representation in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate law. We assist you with your leases and agreements, and offer sound advice and counsel in all real estate matters. From lease agreements to real estate disputes, we have the experience and knowledge that you need to handle all of your real estate needs.

Providing You with Counsel in All of Your Real Estate Needs

Our experienced real estate lawyers handle all aspects of the following real estate transactions:

  • Representation of residential and commercial landlords
  • Drafting commercial and residential leases and lease modifications
  • Fair housing issues
  • Annual review of lease agreements to ensure compliance with changes in the law
  • Litigating landlord and tenant disputes
  • Commercial and residential evictions

By consulting with Baskin, Jackson & Lasso P.C., you can plan to avoid the problems that commonly arise with real estate leases, or respond to problems as they arise.

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Rely on our experience in dealing with all of your landlord and tenant issues as they arise, and allow us to help you to take steps to avoid such problems in the future. Simple planning can be the key to preventing major landlord and tenant disputes. No matter how complex or simple your landlord-tenant case may be, we are here to advise you. For help with any landlord or tenant legal matter, contact Baskin, Jackson & Lasso P.C. today.